Monday, November 19, 2012

The Plan for Thanksgiving Week

Happy Monday! And it's a Happy Monday indeed for a couple reasons:
Sunday I started off the week with a 5K, and I PR'd! Running it in 23:18 with an average pace of 7:34. By far my fastest mile, ever. I am pretty sure I have BBB to thank for that. Proof that booty work really helps.

This week's workouts include Week 5 of the Best Body Bootcamp as well as a Thanksgiving Day 5 mile race!

Goals for this week:
With it being a holiday week that revolves around eating, my goals this week are to help me stay on track! 
  • Eat 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies every day
  • Complete daily workouts from BBB
  • Bring a healthy dish or two to Thanksgiving dinner! 
In addition to my goals for BBB, I really want to clean up my eats more and get a bit more strict. This weekend I overindulged in some late night pizza, and noticed a difference in how I felt for the rest of the weekend. Eating clean really makes me feel better and this weekend reminded me of that.

Alright, time to work! Have a great day :)

PS. You might have noticed I updated my blog a bit, hope it didn't scare you away!

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