Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm going to Bootcamp...again!

Well hello again. Things have been pretty crazy around here. Some how we are less than a month away from our wedding (seriously, how did that happen) and we are in full-on wedding mode. I am soaking in every moment because I know it is going to be over before we know it.

Anyways, with little time left before I have to walk down the aisle in my white dress, it's time to start Round 4 of Best Body Bootcamp. You already know I loved Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp and I am excited to start it back up today after the last couple of weeks "off" from BBB.


At first I was a little nervous about being "off" from BBB. What was I going to do? Was I going to be motivated? Would I loose the muscle definition I had just worked hard for? I was worried how hard it was going to be to stay active and in the shape without BBB and through the holidays. But you know what? I made it work! Did I workout as much? No, but the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge helped to motivate me as well as the upcoming wedding and dress fittings!

So what did I do?

  • I stuck to the same "routine" that Tina had used for BBB - alternating days of strength/circuit training with cardio and core work.
  • At first, I tried some workouts from Jamie Eason's Live Fit Training Program but something about it just doesn't keep my attention the same way. Plus they take longer! 
  • Thanks to Tina's help, I went back to one of the phase's of BBB from round 3 and used that as a guide! Some days I would incorporate additional arm/core work or some days I would increase the time on the treadmill. On the "cardio" days, I would find some routine from Pinterest or try something different like spin or yoga.

We were mailed phase one workouts last week and I was excited to see an entirely new workout routine. I didn't think that was possible given all the variety that was given to us in last round, but Tina is just that amazing.

Last round, I didn't take any measurements or pictures beforehand, but did notice a positive change in my body. This round I was excited to see Tina included a fitness test for us to perform before starting Phase One. Yesterday was my "rest" day, but I headed to the gym to complete the fitness test and look forward to checking my progress through out the rounds! I feel like I am in pretty good shape right now and feel good about my fitness test, so it will definitely be interesting to see the change throughout the weeks and to push myself more!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! I'm feeling a little groggy hungover this morning, but wanted to stop in and say hello and share my 2013 goals with you.

2012 was such a good year, but I can't wait for 2013 especially since we are getting married :)

You see, I'm not interested in making resolutions. But I want to make goals. Goals to push myself further and goals to enrich my life more.

I don't think I documented my 2012 goals anywhere, but I set some "mini" goals that I most certainly accomplished:

  • Trained and ran my first half marathon
  • Got a new (old) job where I am much happier
  • Cook and meal plan - I do this regularly
  • Get fit for the wedding - I currently feel amazing but just trying to tone my arms up a little more!
  • Read a book a month - I didn't accomplish this one by any means, but I do try to read every night before bed. 
My goals for 2013 aren't too different, but just a little more challenging!

  • Run two half marathons - currently eyeing the Run to Remember in Boston in June and the Newport one again in October
  • Start cycling again and incorporate rides into my fitness regimen
  • Sprint Triathalon - this is a goal that has been in the back of my head and now that I wrote it down, I guess I have to look into it ;)
  • Get involved with volunteering - pets or kids!
  • Read a book a month - carrying this one over from 2012!
  • Bring Peanut on more walks - she'll like this one! Regular walks sort of took a back burner to my training and morning gym workouts, but this little lady certainly deserves more walks.
  • Be the best wife to my new soon-to-be husband :)
Lots to look forward to in 2013! I'm going to start this year off right with bootcamp with a girlfriend followed by brunch. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp Round 3: You Should Sign Up Too

As you guys already know, I was a huge fan of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. So much in fact, that I have felt lost at the gym without it. So, I went ahead and signed up for Round 4, and this is why you should too.

I have a hard time sticking to diet plans and even workout plans. I tried Jamie Eason's Live Fit trainer for all of two or three weeks and then quit. Diet's are hard when you live with a man whose body doesn't even care that he just ate a whole bag of chips. His abs still show. So at first I was a little skeptical about signing up (and spending money) on an online bootcamp class. But after reading other blogger's reviews and seeing Julie complete it twice, I was definitely intrigued. So I signed up! And I even got my BFFL, Tayla, to sign up with me.

8 weeks later, and I successfully completed every single workout. Yes, I took a day here or there, but for the most part, I stuck with it and am definitely seeing the benefits:

  • My arms are more defined. I never thought this was possible, but I actually have arm definition! Which is awesome since I will be wearing a wedding dress in less than two months.
  • I am not longer afraid of burpees, squats, lunges or any other lower body work. 
  • Working out the booty helped me increase my running mile times. I completed a Thanksgiving Day 5 Mile Road race in 40 minutes! My miles were 30 seconds faster than when I trained and ran my 1/2.
  • Got me into a routine and held me accountable. I loved having the spreadsheet that Tina and I shared. It held me accountable, but also helped me see what I was doing each week.
  • I set goals and I reached them. I know goal setting is good, but I never really did it until now. 
  • You can win $100/week and $1000 at the end. I didn't win, but pay $25 and you get a chance to win $1000 just for working out and meeting your goals? Talk about motivation!
  • You can do the workouts at home with little equipment! A lot of the participants easily do this!
  • I feel more in shape than I have in a LONG time. Before BBB, I would go to the gym and do my thing, but would never see results. BBB has taught me so many new exercises, ways to train, and that sticking with something = results.
I didn't take measurements or before and after pictures. But my clothes definitely fit a little looser and I feel more toned than ever before. While I wait for the next round of BBB to start, I am continuing with weight and circuit training as much as I can. I plan to start off a little harder with the next round, as I will be even closer to my wedding day and know that I will see results if I work hard and stay with it.

And that my blogsphere friends, is why you should sign up for the next round of Best Body Bootcamp too.