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I'm a 26 year old Boston girl resident. I grew up in a small town in Central Mass and moved to Boston for college. I went home for the first summer after freshmen year and vowed never to move back (no offense Mom & Dad) and never moved back. I love Boston and everything my small city has to offer.

I started this blog as a place to document my journey as I go from live-in-girlfriend to wife and maintaining a healthy living lifestyle with a busy schedule. I want to feel and look my best on my wedding day but I don't want to deprive myself  to get there. Our wedding is taking place in a beautiful Caribbean destination in just a couple months so I am working hard to stay fit until then.

Growing up I was always pretty active. I ice skated, did tried gymnastics,  took dance, horseback rode, played JV basketball, was part of cross country in middle school, played A LOT of field hockey, and was a long distance cyclist. Probably one of my biggest accomplishments in my life to date (fitness wise) is all the cycling I did. I not only went on week long trips all over NY, Canada, and New England, but I also biked 2600 miles in 7 weeks from Glenwood Springs, Colorado back to my hometown of Massachusetts. Don't worry, I wasn't alone.

(that's me on the left - biking through the rockies!)

Since working in the real world, I have been trying to stay active in the gym as much as possible. But that fell to the wayside when we adopted our crazy mutt a couple years ago, and my priority became making sure she got in her daily walks. When the FH(future husband) and I got engaged in December, I added fitness back into my life, and have since made maintaining a healthy lifestyle a priority through running, weight training, classes at the gym, and eating clean as much as I can. 

I recently completed 12 weeks of training and ran my first half marathon in 1:48:38! I fell in love with running through the process and plan to add more half marathon's, 10Ks and other races to my calendar in 2013.

You'll also see pictures of this cute one a lot. This is our furbaby, Peanut, who keeps us active and laughing everyday. I can't get enough of that face!

Follow me as I embark on this new and exciting phase of my life!

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Email: pursuitoffrothiness@gmail.com
Twitter: @berubeka

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