Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Needing Rest

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

This weekend the FH and I were away at our Bachelor and Bachelorette weekends (not together)! We both had the most amazing time and came home even more grateful for our friends than when we left. we are so loved and can't wait for everyone to be together again at our wedding!

I haven't been able to get my workouts in the last two days, as I have been feeling super run down and my body has been craving rest. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in a week, and it's really starting to run me down. Peanut came back from my parents on Sunday with a case of the fleas, so we have been up every night with her while she is scratching and checking her for more fleas. Fleas have to be the worst. The FH and I have never had to deal with it before, and it's been a nightmare cause you have to clean everything she touches...which in our small apartment, is everything.

Needless to say, I didn't Monday or Tuesday's workout in this week. On Monday the gym had closed due to the delightful Sandy and today I overslept. I had every intention of going to the gym after work, but was feeling pretty beat, so I headed home. BUT, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting in a 5.5 mile run on my first day away at my bachelorette party, woohoo!

So, here is what my week is shaping up to look like:
W: 4-5 mile run + Planks
Th: Workout B + Intervals on Eliptical or Spin Bike
F: 4-5 mile run + Planks
Sat: Bootcamp at my gym + Intervals
Sun: Yoga - I've been dying to go to Yoga since my half marathon

With my three month wedding countdown coming up, I am also planning on cleaning up my diet starting next week and maintaining through the wedding. If I want to start seeing more results, I know I have to eat more lean, clean, and green. One of the things I have said since the beginning was I didn't want to deprive myself of anything or "crash diet", I want to make sure I go about this the healthy way. And that is still my plan. 

I'm off to get some rest, but just wanted to check in!

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