Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp: Day 3

It's Day 3 of the Best Body Bootcamp and I'm really loving it! The workouts are challenging, but only take up about an hour of my day. How can you not love that?!

I started Best Body Bootcamp a day early because of my schedule this week. Day 2 was 40 minutes of steady cardio followed by about 5 minutes of core work. Since I have been really missing running since my training ended, I opted to go out for a run after work. I work in a big office park and we have a road that surrounds us that is about 1.25 miles or so. It's nice because it actually has a steep incline in it. So I headed out and ended up doing a 4.59 mile loop in about 39 minutes.

Side note - it's now completely dark by 6:30. I miss the sunlight hours of summer already!

I headed home where the FH and I had breakfast for dinner and then did about 5 minutes of core work before bed.

This morning my alarm went off at the dark hour of 5:15 am. I proceeded to hit snooze for another 30 minutes before finally getting out of bed. The FH probably was not happy about this, but it's hard to get up while it's so dark out! Luckily the pups and FH rolled right back over and I snuck out the door shortly before 6am.

I hit the strength workout B first. I had fun with trying the Push Press on the Bosu. I was definitely a little skeptical at first, but thanks to the link Tina provided I followed the instruction and got up on the ball. I did do this in front of the wall mirror, and used it as support.

I started with 5lb. dumbbells because I was worried about stabilizing with heavier weights. After the 2nd set, I switched to 8lbs, feeling a bit more confident. Every time I squatted, everything shook, but it felt good. I think another good modification for this would be to stand on the top of the bosu ball, as you need to still activate your core to stand on top.

After the weights, I went to the spin room and hopped on a bike for the interval workout. I am really enjoying using the spin bikes on my own. I'll work on posting the workout I did on here this week!

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