Friday, August 17, 2012

Running for Rewards

TGIF! I'm off today and I'm loving it! I have become a big fan of days off with little planned. I love how I can take my time getting up, going for a run, making breakfast and getting ready for the day. I wish "corporate America" meant having 3 day weekends and 4 day work weeks. I think I would feel more balanced.

Anyways! I got up this morning and made quick and easy breakfast of plain Greek Yogurt, small handful of granola and a banana. I putzed around for about 45 minutes before getting ready, stretching, and heading out on my run.

My legs have been feeling pretty heavy while running this week. I keep thinking my miles are a lot slower, but they aren't. I have been feeling really good when I stop running. I definitely think I have built up my endurance a lot as I don't feel like I am dying huffing and puffing and out of breath.

I actually only had one thing on my mind after my run today. And that was an iced latte from a local coffee shop in the center of town. I strategically planned my run to end a block before the shop and made sure to stash my debit card in my zipper pocket of my shorts.

Peanut's reward for not wrecking havoc while I was gone (sometimes she acts out for being left behind)? A walk, obvi.

She loves them.

When we got home I finished up with some pushups and planks. By then I was ready for breakfast #2, Egg, cheese, and avocado on a sandwich thin.

Followed by some foam rolling...with Peanut nearby, of course.

Does anyone else have problems with doing at home exercises or moves because their dogs want in too? It's very hard to do pushups, planks, and foam rolling around here without Peanut thinking it means I want to play. Think she likes attention much?

I'm inhaling eating some lunch and then heading out the door for some errands. Tomorrow I am attending the Healthy Living Summit which is taking place in Boston this year. I'm hoping to learn a lot and also meet some great people. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate in all the activities set up because it's also a birthday weekend for my future brother-in-law and one of my best friends. I guess that's the only downside to attending a Summit that is in your own town, you try to fit your personal life in too! I'll be sure to update more tomorrow!

Have a great Friday!


  1. it was so great to meet you this weekend! Your dog is so cute and I love having egg and avocado sandwiches, they are my new favorite!

    1. Thank you! And it was great to meet you too :)