Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Puppy Love Workout

Not sure if anyone else has this same problem, but when I try to do an at home circuit workout or even just some pushups and planks after a run, Peanut always thinks I want to play.

It makes it very difficult to do a pushup (or any workout move in the house) when your dog is laying on her back under your face thinking you are going to play with her. This is why I usually head to the gym. Good motivation, right?!

I was reading around on the world wide web this morning and saw this workout from Shape Magazine and wanted to share.

7 Moves You Can Do With Your Pet

Looks like the dog would be pretty entertained. The only way this would work for Peanut is if the toy was food. Even then, I think she would still be in my face or jumping all over me to try and get the treat.

Do you have difficulties doing at home workouts because of your dog?

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Xox. Kaylin 

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