Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Suitable Morning

Well last night I didn't get dinner as quickly as I thought I would. But we did knock off some shopping for the Fiance and groomsmen. However, finding the important the pants and a vest for the proving to be a lot harder than we thought.

Since we are having a beach wedding, we want to have the look be a little more casual. The Fiance is pretty adamant about wearing the same tie as his groomsmen so I really want him to wear a vest to be a little more distinguished as the groom.

The groomsmen would wear a tie with a white shirt and some khakis or tan slacks. The ties are going to be an aqua/turquoise pattern.

 Source: Lindy Stroda via Pinterest

Here lies the tricky part. We need to find a three piece suit for the Fiance, but just the pants for the rest of the guys. Our original thought was to go to Men's Warehouse and find a suit there, which we did, but it seems silly to make the guys pay for a three piece suit when they are only going to need to buy the pants. We found some suite separates at Macy's, but unfortunately the sizes are extremely limited. Guess we should have started shopping earlier! Who knew 6+ months wasn't going to be enough time! So, we have some more searching to do and options to look into.

The good news...we did get some white shirts and ties for the guys to wear at a great price! Macy's was having a sale and being a card holder, I was able to use some extra coupons. Can't beat that!

Unfortunately we did not get to watch much of the opening ceremonies last night. But I did DVR them! By the time we finished shopping it was close to 9:30pm and we were starving! We headed to the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner where we both ordered off of the Skinnylicious menu. It was just what we needed. By the time we got home, we both crawled into bed just in time to see the US teams walk out. Hoping to catch the rest of the ceremonies at some point this weekend!

This morning I got up, made some toast with peanut butter and banana to eat while I got ready for my first 4 mile run! I was a little nervous when I stepped outside and felt how muggy it was out. But I felt pretty good once I started running and felt even better when I finished.

Guess I do run faster without Peanut! I didn't know how each of my miles were going to shape up because around mile 1.5, I started to feel some cramping. I think I can attribute this to not drinking enough water/fluids last night and this morning. So I made a note that I need to do a better job at hydrating the night and morning before my runs.

Either way, I am pretty happy with my mile times! I am also looking forward to see how I improve over the next 11 weeks. Week 1 of Half Marathon training down!

When I got home I immediately grabbed a Zico Coconut Water out of the fridge to drink as I stretched. This is by far my favorite brand of Coconut Water out there (the chocolate flavor is to die fo). And no, they did not pay me to say that. That is my honest opinion.

I knew I needed something else to get me through the morning so after that I whipped up a smoothie which included protein powder and a Starbucks instant ice coffee packet.

It doesn't look all that pretty, but it tastes like a frozen drink you can get from Starbucks! Plus, I am getting my caffeine from the coffee and my protein. I love multitasking. Recipe to come :)

Off to shower and get ready for the day! Going to see a baby, see if we can snag a couple more ties, and go out to dinner for my birthday :D .

Have a great Saturday!

Xox. Kaylin

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