Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

First off - a very happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, especially mine ;). My Dad got a nice little "gift certificate" to redeem when we get closer to our wedding for some father-daughter dance lessons. My Dad is a pretty good dancer as it is. My mom and him take dance lessons and go dancing with friends when they can. So I wanted to make sure we wouldn't disappoint at the wedding! I'm very much looking forward to the lessons with my Dad :). We also celebrated with dinner at my Dad's favorite restaurant, The Sunset Grill and Tap. We first went to Sunset about six years ago, when I moved into my first apartment around the corner. He (and the rest of us) fell in love with the 112 draft beer list and Baja burger they have there. Infact, he has never gotten anything besides the Baja burger. He just doesn't ever want to leave there disappointed. Can't say I blame him!

(little brother, Dad, and Me outside the Sunset)

I had a late lunch so I snacked on some apps we got and then got a chicken, fruit, and walnut salad with dressing on the side. From experience, I know that their salads are huge. I knew there was going to be more than enough to take home with me and pack up for lunch tomorrow. I paired my meal with a Harpoon Ginger Wheat beer. It was pretty tasty, but I wish it had a little stronger hint of ginger in it.

Now, let's rewind...

Friday night was spent at my 2nd concert of the week, Foster the People. They did not disappoint one bit and brought a lot of energy to the stage. You know it's a good concert when people were standing up singing, dancing, and clapping for 90% of the show.

On Saturday morning, I had an early wake up call for a 9 am haircut. My mom, aunt and I always book our haircuts together and make a morning/afternoon out of it in the city. After our hair looked beautiful, we headed over to Bella Bridesmaids on Newbury Street for Mom to look for some dresses! I called them earlier last week to see if they had any Mother of the Bride dresses. The lady who answered said they didn't have "typical" MOB dresses, but definitely have accommodated mother's in the past! This worked out perfect for us, since we aren't going for a "typical" look. Luckily Mom did find one really pretty dress in the style she was looking for. We didn't commit yet, but I have a feeling we will soon ;).

I was exhausted by the time they dropped me off. I had the apartment to myself, so Peanut and I cuddled on the couch laid on top of me as we rested for a couple of hours. By 6:30 my stomach was growling. I had already decided earlier in the morning that Thai North was on the menu. I ended up ordering some steamed dumplings and Masaman Curry. The curry is a Thai-indonesian curry sauce with sweet potatoes, onions, carrots and peanuts. It was delicious and not too spicy. I ate a good portion and put enough in the fridge to have some for leftovers this afternoon.

 (Don't worry I didn't eat ALL of this. But I did drink ALL that glass of wine)

Today the future hubs and I got up and got out the door shortly after we drank our cup of coffee. We had an errand to run over in Central Square and immediately decided that we would also grab breakfast over there. I was craving an egg, cheese, and avacado sandwich on fresh homemade multi-grain bread. Wish granted.

The man got a wrap (which was huge, by the way) and a side of hashbrowns which he so generously shared with me :).
Then it was off to Bob's Furniture. We have have been LONG overdue for some new bedroom furniture. When my Ikea dresser finally broke this week, we decided we couldn't deal with it any longer. Luckily at Bob's if you pick a set, you can easily customize it to the pieces with you want. Can't wait to have more space to put things!

Off to read some of my book and head to bed a bit early! I have a busy week ahead and need all the rest I can get. Hope your weekend was good!

Xox. Kaylin


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