Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

This month is flying by! This month I have a lot packed into my weeks. After this week I will have gone to two concerts! Last night was concert #1 at the House of Blues Boston where we saw Keane with a bunch of our friends. There is nothing better than going to a good concert with friends. I love having friends that share the same taste of music and love going to concerts. In case you haven’t heard of Keane before, they are an Alternative Rock Band from England. HOB Boston was their first stop on their American tour. I’d say they put on a pretty good show.

I was a little tired this morning after getting home well past my bed time (I’m usually in bed by 10, don’t judge) so unfortunately I couldn’t pull myself up to get to the gym this morning. Plus, I didn’t have time to plan my workout. If I go to the gym without a plan, I don’t feel like I have a good workout. So I decided I would go to a spin class after work tonight. Also, since I decided to follow Gina’s Summer Shape Up 2012 plan, this fit right into the 30-45 minutes of cardio today J!

Photo Source: Gina

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Gina is a personal trainer, Zumba instructor, mom to one cute baby, and wife. She also seems to be a great cook. She put together this Summer Shape Up plan for her readers. The best part is that it’s FREE. Yesterday I did the workout 1 and today I am definitely sore from it! I’ve also been trying some of her recipe ideas and trying to eat 6 small meals. Usually I stick to the same breakfast every day, so it’s been nice to try something different. I don’t feel as bored and I also haven’t had many random cravings.

Today I tried her breakfast cookie. I, of course, forgot to take a picture. But you can trust me that it’s good and check out her recipe.

Oh and one more thing. This is a bit more exciting. I decided to sign up to attend the Healthy Living Summit in August! It’s in Boston this year, so I thought it was sort of meant to be. New blog …New adventures! I’m excited to learn more about the blogging community and what other bloggers are doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing everything else in life!

OK, time to get back to work! It’s a busy day and I have also been trying to coordinate friends and family to book their flights for our wedding because the prices are so reasonable. Part bride-to-be, part travel agent. Kidding, sort of.

Xox. Kaylin

Check out some of my favorite Keane songs:
You are Young (off their new album) -

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