Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Plans: Food, Fitness & Goals

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was filled with some quality family and friend time. Nothing crazy, but some good fun.

This morning I am off to Chicago for a day trip to visit with a client. It's going to be a long and tiring day, but it's always nice to get out of the office for a change!

After last week, I am feeling pretty amazing. I managed to get up out of bed every morning before 6am and made it to the gym to complete the workouts in Best Body Bootcamp. I also kept a journal of my meals everyday, which is really helpful and makes you think about what you are eating and why. It's a good way to hold myself accountable. I think I prefer writing things down vs. entering them into my phone.

The FH is taking care of grocery shopping for us today and I planned out meals for the week last night. Here is what my week is shaping up to look like:

Monday: Wing it - I'll be flying and the FH will be on his own
Tuesday: Veggie + Chicken Sausage "stir fry"
Wednesday: Fish + veggie
Thursday: Fajitas - I'll be wrapping mine in lettuce or collard green
Friday: Out!
Saturday: Wing it

Breakfasts - a post-workout whey protein berry smoothie followed by another small breakfast TBD when I get to work
Lunches - Salads w/veggies and a protein
Snacks - Lara bars, ants on a log, veggies + hummus

Monday: Traveling
Tuesday: Workout A + Interval A
Wednesday: Intervals B + Core
Thursday: Workout B + Interval B
Friday: Intervals B + Core 
Saturday: Workout C + optional cardio
Sunday: Yoga, Pilates or rest

It's week four of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp and I need to set two new goals for the week.
1) Drink at least 60 ounces of water a day - with traveling a lot tomorrow, I need to make sure to stay hydrated, so I want to make sure this is a goal I can focus on this week.
2) Take Vitamins - I've been slacking on taking my vitamins these last couple of months - it's time to get back on track!

Happy Monday!

What are your plans and goals for the week?

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