Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pre-Race Jitters

Happy Friday everyone!

It's a big weekend over here for me. Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Newport for the Amica Half Marathon. Even though Boston is not too far from Newport, Fiance and I decided that staying overnight would help with my pre race anxiety and ensure that I can get a good night sleep.

Over the last couple of days, however, I've had jitters about the day before the race (today). What to eat, how much to drink, making sure I don't walk, etc.

And then of course there are still the race day jitters about what mile to eat my GU Chomps and what stops to drink some water. I know from my 10 mile run last weekend, that fueling myself during the race is going to be key in finishing strong for me.

Luckily, thanks to the internet, there are lots of good tips out there to calm my nerves.

I still need to map out my game plan for tomorrow's course, but here is my plan for today:
  1. Drink lots of water 
  2. Drink a sports drink
  3. Go for a 20 minute "shake out" run. 
  4. Foam roll and stretch.
  5. Eat throughout the day. Last night I made some sweet potato fries and plan to pack that with some almond butter to make sure I am eating throughout the day as we are traveling. 
  6. Eat a good dinner...but not overeat. I also don't plan to carb-load at dinner to help avoid any stomach issues or having a hard time falling sleep.
  7. Pick up my bib! 
  8. Lay out my outfit for tomorrow.
  9. Make my playlist (totally meant to do this last night, oops!)
  10. 8 hours of sleep!
  11. Set every alarm we will have with us :)

I can't believe it is finally here! See you at the finish :)

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