Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Meal & Fitness Plans

Every Sunday I like to get out my cookbooks, recipe binder, recipe folder and Pinterest to plan out my meals for the week.

Not only does this help us stick within our budget, but now that my days are longer with my commute, it just helps to have a plan. I like plans.

10/7 Weekly Meal Plan:
Sunday: Made a Minestrone Soup in the slow cooker
Monday: Dinner plans out!
Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas - one of our favorite quick and easy staples!
Wednesday: Stromboli w/ roasted veggies on the side
Thursday: Dinner with a girlfriend
Friday: My healthy version of Chicken Parm with Pasta
Saturday: Pre-race meal. Not sure where or what yet, but something that is good for fuel.

I also like to plan my fitness plan for the week as well. They are like 7 mini goals for myself.

10/7 Weekly Fitness Plan:
Monday: 4 mile run
Tuesday: Bootcamp
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: REST!
Saturday: REST! and sleep, hydrate, fuel and mentally prepare for 13.1

I've been thinking a lot about what comes after 13.1. With 4 months until I walk down the aisle, I want to make sure I don't loose motivation without another big (fitness) goal on the horizon. I decided to sign up for Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. Some of my favorite bloggers have gone through Tina's bootcamp and the reviews are really positive. I was worried about finding a good fitness routine to get back into strength training more during the week when Tina announced her 3rd round of bootcamp. It stars a week after my half marathon and goes until mid-December. Perfect timing and perfect motivation to stay on track during the holidays!

How do you plan your week?

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